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When SoundCloud came into existence every musician tried to make the most of it and within no time it became one of the most popular platforms for the musicians. They can now upload any track of theirs in here and get a feedback about how the track is. As everybody starting from experienced musicians to amateur musicians is present in here, therefore you can expect that even when someone is criticized for their body of work then it will be constructive criticism only.

Get The Maximum Out of SoundCloud

Moreover, people have understood that through meaningful and relevant comments only they will be able to drive some traffic to their own tracks as well. Therefore, everybody is conscious about what they are writing in there. If you are new to this platform and don’t have much plays, then you can buy SoundCloud plays for your tracks to provide them with much needed exposure.

Here are some tips on how to improve yourself on this platform:

  • Treat it like a social networking site – When you think about any social networking site, then what are the things that excite you the most? The answer will obviously be the likes and comments after posting an image or updating status. If you do not get any likes or comments then you feel that it might not have been noticed by anybody. So as soon as you get some likes you start feeling good and in here also the same thing happens. When you are uploading any track, you would love to know the audience’s reaction right away through likes or comments or how many times your tracks have been played. Either you can wait for long to see whether there is any like or not or you can buy SoundCloud Likes for your track and provide enough exposure for the track.
  • Showcase your best talent – Quality is always appreciated and that is the only way of receiving good amount of followers. Therefore, it is important that you give your best shot in every track you upload on here. In case you are not receiving enough feedback or comments then you can buy SoundCloud comments to attract attention of audiences. It is nothing wrong in buying comments, likes or play or even followers because it is there to help you out to promote your track. Promotion is the main objective therefore you can always buy it for your tracks to give it enough exposure.
  • The First impression is the last impression – If you go by the phrase, then you must prepare an attractive profile. It must be such that one look at it should be enough to draw in a huge number of audience. The page description that you provide must be interesting but should not go over the top. Pretensions will not take you any further because one track of yours will prove how different you are from your description. So be honest to yourself and to your fans as well. This will help you in promoting your track in the right manner.

While the iPad truly shook the tablet market like no other, Android tablet PCs are rapidly gaining ground over Apple’s premium offering. Android was originally never meant to power tablet PCs and Google too preferred to concentrate over optimizing Android for smartphones.

But with the success of the iPad and then later iPad 2, Google has finally decided to venture into the tab segment. Its newest version of the tablet OS, Honeycomb, is still a work in progress. The current Android OS comfortably falls short of providing a user experience similar to Apple’s iOS. Honeycomb is expected to solve all that and still have some more up its sleeve which Google assures is enough to take the game away from Apple.

Google Tablet

Rumors about the Google Nexus Tab

Although Google has officially restricted itself to be involved in only software development, it has given indications that it might go the smartphone way. Google’s first venture into the smartphone arena was with its Nexus One. The Nexus One was made by HTC for Google. Basically, HTC handled all the hardware part while the software development was with Google. The tablet PC industry is abuzz with news that Google will be following a similar route in launching its very own Android tablet. Along with this, you can gain root privileges of Android devices and get better performance out of it as well.

Most reports indicate that this tablet will run Android’s latest version (Honeycomb) and will be made for Google by LG of South Korea. This is quite similar to the release of the Nexus S (successor to the Nexus One) phone which ran the latest Android smartphone version, Gingerbread. Honeycomb or Android 3.0 is touted to be one of the best tablet OSes out there and is optimized for efficient operation on tabs. This is a departure from Android’s earlier versions which suffered due to lack of optimization.

The choice of LG too is surprising as Google had earlier partnered Samsung and HTC to release the two Nexus phones. It is surprising because its partner Samsung has significant experience in making tablet PCs while LG has only recently released its tablet contender, the flagship G-Slate. Samsung was even one of the vendors for Apple’s iPad and had access to the best screen technology. Most experts base this decision by Google on its desire to rope in another well-known South Asian OEM to its fold.


Google’s in-house tab is said to carry the same specs as the other leading tablets today. Nvidia’s Tegra 2 Dual Core 1.2 GHz will in all probability also do duty in Google’s tablet. It will run on 1 GB of RAM and will be available in 32GB and 64GB internal memory storage versions. This is quite similar to the other leading Android tablets of today, the Galaxy Tab and the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.

LG is one of the leading manufacturers of IPS display technology and the Google tab is rumored to use a similar display. Other than the iPad and Transformer this will be the only other IPS display tablet PC.

Release Date

Google intends the Honeycomb version of Android to be the perfect tablet OS. The only tablet running it today is the Motorola Xoom and needless to say the experience on that tablet is an incomplete one. Google’s branded tablet (or indeed the Nexus Tab) is scheduled for release in midsummer or even early fall. When it does eventually release, the tab will be the only one running Honeycomb while other hardware manufacturers will get access to it later. This is in keeping with Google’s preferred partner policies and something similar to what it has done with its Nexus smartphones.

Impact of Google’s Acquisition of Motorola Mobility

Google recently acquired the mobile equipment division of Motorola and this is expected to be a major game changer in the industry. No analyst foresaw this move from Google and the acquisition shows Google’s intent in competing head on with Apple. Apple is the only player which has complete control over production of both hardware and software for its tablets and this has according to many experts resulted in the path-breaking innovations on its iPad. The acquisition of Motorola has given Google excellent hardware capabilities along with a large library of patents. How this affects the outcome of Google’s tablet PC is something that remains to be seen.